RoadMap to Become Data Engineer in FAANG using Free Resources -

 Yes, you heard right you'll became a successful data engineer without spent single penny.

Follow these below steps :

  1. Computer Science Fundamentals (If you don’t have a CS background)

Watch this if you don’t have a computer science background, as a Data Engineer having good knowledge of CS fundamentals is important to understand big systems and how they work

Watching these videos will give you a basic understanding of CS fundamentals  

You can watch the first 7 lectures from this playlist and once

CS50 2022 

  1. Introduction to Data Engineering

Before learning different tools for Data Engineering, let’s first understand “What is Data Engineering? And other topics”

This section will give you a basic understanding of Data Engineering

  1. Introduction to Data Engineering

  2. Data Engineering in 7 Minutes 

  3. Data Engineer (Expectation vs Reality) 

  4. Day in a life of a Data Engineer

  5. Should You Become A Data Engineer?

  6. Different Types of Data Engineering Jobs

  7. Software Engineer vs Data Engineer

  1. Programming Language
    Do any courses, your main goal here is to understand how to write basic Python code and how to work with different datasets!

  1. freeCodeCamp - Learn Python - Full Course for Beginners

  2. Programming with Mosh - Python Tutorial for Beginners

  1.  SQL (Structured Query Language)

Learn about the basics of SQL and how to write queries, once you complete the course make sure you do hands-on practice on Hackerrank or any website you like!

First, watch this - How I use SQL as Data Engineer 

  1. freeCodeCamp - SQL Tutorial - Full Database Course for Beginners

  2. Programming with Mosh - MySQL Tutorial for Beginners [Full Course]

           Practice SQL here :

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